About Us

About xRayServers

We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

We provide high performance game servers that are reliable and inexpensive. Our servers have a variety of features like ddos protection and much more. The game servers run on a control panel which is easy to use and they come with high quality hardware. Our support is online 24/7 helping our clients with any problems they may have. We provide extra free services like fastdl, mysql, and a webserver with a active game server. Most of our locations have DDoS protection so that your servers are always secure from attacks.

Why Choose xRayServers?


xRayServers is a game server hosting company that trys its best to provide its clients with the best possible hardware and performance at a low price. Our game servers run on of the latest hardware and some game server even run on their own server to ensure performance. The servers network has a speed of 100Mbps guaranteed which means that connections to your game server will not be a problem. We even offer free services that come with every game server like DDoS protection in some of our locations, webhosting, mysql, FastDL, and FTP.


Our support team is online 24/7 always trying their best to solve any of our clients issues. If there is a issue that the client cant fix with the advise given from support then if the customer is eligible we provide hands on support which means we will try our best to solve it for you. After a issue is fixed then we add it to our F.A.Q to help any other clients that may have the same problem.

Control Panel

The game server control panel is user friendly and allows you to execute functions that give you control of your server. You can start the fastdl sync at a click of a button which allows you to upload everything to the fastdl without having to do any work. The control panel also allows you to create mysql databases that will help your server store data that may be needed when making a website. We have even made sure that your game server information is safe. Whenever someone with a new IP attempts to log into the control panel the client is sent a email to verify if that is him logging into the control panel and the new IP wont be allowed to login until the login has been verified.